Professional Travel Writer Reviews Ask A Nomad Travel App for iPad Users – Globetrotting Made Easy!

Do you love to travel? Do you own an iPad? Do you want to tour the globe with the best travel tips from regular people who have lived or visited your destination recently?

Then you’re in luck!

A global travel services company called has launched an innovative mobile application designed exclusively for the iPad, known as ‘Ask A Nomad.’ The great part about this app is that it allows users to connect to a global network of knowledgeable people who can provide first-hand information about travel questions, local trips advice and where to seek assistance in that part of the world.

You can also connect with like-minded tourists from different parts of the globe as Travel Knowledge Network, which is a group of tour operators powering this app, shares their online communities’ database with the iPad app users, enabling them to ask related questions anytime, anywhere.

It also has a provision for utilizing geo location programs for searching travel related content close to the user’s current location so its account holders simply need to connect to the net and sign in to their account to ask questions, store answers and access these offline later at anytime. This is a huge advantage for tourists who face limited or no Internet access during travel, especially to remote or exotic destinations.

So, one can get pertinent advice from local experts, travel journalists, travel writers, frequent travellers and government approved tour operators all of who are reliable advisors for the region since they will have travelled extensively through the area.

As Christina Tunnah of explains this unique app for iPads from her company, “When you pose a query, your question gets routed to the travellers in the network most likely able to answer it based on their travel profile and answer history.”

After completing a simple sign up process, account holders can download the app and browse a list of Q and A from global travellers and ask their own questions from the large community of travellers; they can share their answers to become active members of the community.

If the statistics from Frommer’s Unlimited May 2011 Travel User and Experience Survey is anything to go by, it would emphasize the need for reliable and current travel content because the research reveals a considerable spurt in consumption of travel content by users of mobile devices, including iPad users. This 3rdAnnual Survey reports 52% respondents to the study used mobile devices to access travel content while travelling; out of this number, 72% were in the 18 to 34 age-bracket. That left only 38% of survey respondents using their mobile devices for planning.

However, it’s not just the convenience factor that makes the Ask A Nomad app so practical and welcome in this age of fast-travel. It’s the fact that the answers received through this application are also updated and current to different situations and a wide variety of destinations that makes it so much more fun and easy to use as compared to travel guides or travel website newsletters.

A truly handy and efficient travel companion, the Ask A Nomad app is a great tool for special interest tour groups like travel writers, singles, seniors, women and many others apart from companies looking to offer a useful service for their customers ensuring a safe and stress-free holiday for them – anywhere in the world!

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Travel Clinics To Seek Health Protection When Traveling Abroad

In order to have a safe and healthy overseas travel, a lot of prior preparation is needed. If you are traveling to countries where pandemics are rampant, you should seek services of a good travel clinic to provide you with necessary vaccinations. It can make your travel hassle free.

A travel clinic provides vital information about the diseases that you may acquire while traveling abroad. It aims to equip you with the knowledge that you require to protect yourself from variety of disease and the measures to be undertaken if you fall in during the course of your travel.

With the increasing incidences of inflictions of pandemic in various parts of world, every trip out of country exposes you to risks of acquiring various diseases. These risks may vary depending upon the age of person, health status, mode of travel, destination, duration of stay, purpose of travel, and type of accommodation. Proper observation for certain precautions and taking right medications and vaccines can prevent falling prey of various sicknesses.

The basic threats that might affect your health while traveling are; motion sickness, jet lag, heatstroke, traveler’s diarrhea, altitude-related illness, malaria, and yellow fever. While malaria inflictions can be attained during travel to Africa, South America, and Far East, yellow fever inflictions are common in areas of Africa and South America.

The ideal time to visit clinic is four to six weeks prior to your trip as the vaccines and medicines that are meant to be administered need to be taken well in advance. In few cases, when a trip is planned on a short notice, you should not ignore the importance and efficacy of visiting your nearest clinic to get the necessary vaccines and medications.

A travel clinic may provide you with general tips on environmental safety, motion sickness, jet lag, and problems with air travel. Specific tips may be required for pregnant woman, newborns, infants, children, elderly, handicapped, and the people who suffer from chronic illnesses or cardiac diseases.

The health professionals at these clinics may advise you on how to put together the travel health kit and the appropriate medicines that might be useful in case of any emergency treatment. The professionals at these clinics stay updated and provide you vital information on the diseases that you might encounter at your travel to different destinations.

You can even seek the services of a travel clinic after your travel in case of any post-travel illnesses. If you wish to travel abroad, it is important to visit your travel clinic to seek vital information to ensure safe traveling for your and your family.

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Travel Display Ads and Why People Need Them

Discovering how to optimize travel display advertisements can mean the difference between success and failure. People need them because it is one of the most cost effective ways to make online advertising more relevant to consumers. Travel businesses are staying away from traditional online display ads that give customers generic messages. In today’s highly competitive market, appealing to the masses is not enough. Nowadays these messages have to be targeted, in real time, in alignment with the visitors most current search activities. Giving consumers timely and relevant ads based on what the user is actually looking for works like magic.

Travel ads that focus on one-on-one communication as opposed to mass communication yields big improvements in conversions and sales. Choosing a more targeted approach will convert more of your site visitors to purchasers and drive your total cost-per-transaction much lower than in the past. It is possible that you will see an increase in booking and your click-through rates will skyrocket. Using travel ads that match the message to the audience is a fantastic way to get the most out of your advertising dollars. More and more established travel advertising networks are jumping on the bandwagon and offering a more dynamic approach and creative capabilities.

Easily customizable online travel display advertisement campaigns need to be continuous. New and creative messaging will help you to gain efficiency. The ability to tweak your campaigns based on performance will help keep your messages hyper targeted and bring in more sales. On top of this, banner advertising is extremely scalable. What this means for you is that you can use this advertising and marketing solution as much or as little as you need. Grow your business with travel display ads without breaking the bank. Every website owner trying to make a mark in the travel industry will have better results by using travel display ads.

Give a lot of attention to detail as you come up with the perfect travel display advertisement for your products and services. Put yourself in the shoes of the consumer and customize the ad. Make the experience a sensuous one instead of focusing mainly on price. Travelers want to see glimpses of the place they intend to visit. Seeing is believing, so create a display ad that puts them where they want to be. When you operate from the mind of the consumer you have a much better chance of turning that visitor into a buyer. Make sure the color scheme fits the overall theme of the travel display ad in order to have the deepest impact.

As you can see, travel display ads are now a necessary component in every web-owners bag of tricks. By going the extra mile and designing a travel display ad tailored to the needs of the consumer, you will be positioning your business as a trusted source of information. Make your travel display ad bold, vibrant, and unique to the target audience. When you do this right, the sky’s the limit for your online travel business.

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